Academy for COIL Course Development

The Academy for COIL Course Development is a selective program for faculty from SUNY Nodal Network campuses and their international teaching partners. Entry to the Academy requires a nomination from your campus' COIL coordinator.

Academy Program Overview

The Academy for COIL Course Development supports partnered teachers through the process of designing a new COIL course/module. The Academy is a course development program for SUNY teachers who already have a partner and plan to implement a course in the following semester. Following an in-person kick-off workshop, participants engage in an 8-week online program that will guide them in the development of their course through tasks and activities that allow them to experience what it means to collaborate online. By the end of the program, partners will have developed a syllabus for their course including student learning outcomes, tasks, tools and a calendar. They have also had the opportunity to experience how the students in such and online collaborative course might feel as they go through the process as learners themselves. Following the Academy, teachers then have time to continue working to finalize details before their COIL course begins.

The Academy is designed using a ‘learning-by-doing’ approach whereby through the very process of completing tasks, participants will be engaging in the sorts of activities that students in COIL courses undertake. Participants will communicate with one another and the facilitators using both asynchronous and synchronous tools that they may then choose to implement in their COIL course.

The course is structured around the stages that the SUNY COIL Center has identified as important in COIL course development. The first two tasks are spread out over 4 weeks in order to allow participants to become familiar with the technology and with one another. The last 4 weeks are more intensive and require regular communication between partners. During the course there are 4 video conferences, the first and last of which are compulsory. Participants are expected to invest 4+ hours a week.

Weekly Tasks Overview



Type of work

Video Conferences

Week 1

  1. Information Gathering & Profile



Week 2


Whole group

Video Conference 1

Week 3

  1. Share, Describe and Interpret Photos



Week 4


Whole group

Video Conference 2

Week 5

  1. Student Learning Outcomes

COIL Partner Teams


Week 6

  1. Tasks & Task Sequence

COIL Partner Teams

Video Conference 3

Week 7

  1. Choosing the right tools

COIL Partner Teams


Week 8

  1. COIL Course Syllabus

COIL Partner Teams

Video Conference 4


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