This pilot face-to-face workshop took place in June 2016 at Al-Kafaat University in Lebanon, and offered the opportunity for professors to develop their COIL-enhanced course modules, and form relationships. Before meeting in Beirut, all participants completed the COIL Information Gathering Tables, a critical piece of the COIL Center's professional development program. The workshop was immediately followed by the online COIL Academy where participants complete the development of their COIL-enhanced module syllabus.  Facilitated by COIL Center staff, professors engage in online collaborative activities as they learn about COIL teaching and learning and design the COIL-enhanced module that students will undertake in their classes. This Academy took place throughout June and July, and was facilitated by COIL Professional Development Lead, Sarah Guth and Stevens Project Coordinator, Allison Church.  

For more information on this workshop, and the professors, see the June 2016 Beirut Workshop Newsletter below. 

The professors in the second cohort of the COIL Stevens Initiative were nominated based on faculty interest, experience in their field, flexibility, and  their willingness and ability to design innovative blended courses. This cohort attended a workshop in November 2016 at The American University in Cairo, Egypt. The workshop provided professors with critical training and guidance so that they can design and teach their COIL-enhanced modules. During this intensive 4-day training, professors and their partners constructed student learning objectives that incorporate cross-cultural learning.  Additionally, they designed project-based student activities that emphasize the course subject matter and intercultural learning. After the workshop, SUNY professors were then able to visit their MENA partner's campuses in Egypt, Lebanon, and Morocco.  

For more information on this workshop, and the professors, see the November 2016 Cairo Workshop Newsletter below.