The SUNY COIL Center Carries Out Second Workshops for Teachers in Cairo, Egypt and Cuernavaca, Mexico


The SUNY COIL Center Carries Out Second Workshops for Teachers in Cairo, Egypt and Cuernavaca, Mexico

Stevens Initiative Professors
Stevens Initiative COIL Professors in Cairo, Egypt, November 1 - 4 


The SUNY COIL Center held two international COIL workshops during the month of November, 2016 with the generous collaboration of Universidad La Salle in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. By utilizing information technologies, we have created global academic partnerships amidst enduring university structures, and through COIL-enhanced modules embedded in existing courses the COIL Center is able to connect students on a mass scale. The COIL model enhances skills in team-teaching, project-centered course design, across cultures and disciplines in a revenue neutral learning environment and our workshops have become the capstone of our professional development paradigm.

The US-Mexico Multistate Program workshop gathered 19 COIL co-teaching partnerships made up of professors at 18 colleges and universities in Mexico and at SUNY, plus the Ohio University and Florida International University.  The Stevens Initiative workshop involved 11 COIL co-teaching partnerships made up of professors at 9 colleges and universities from SUNY and the MENA Region.  The workshop provides participants with critical training and delivers guidance for them to execute their COIL-enhanced course modules. During this intensive 4-day session participants and their partners construct assessable student learning objectives for their modules that address cross-cultural paradigms; they design tasks that are interdependent, project based, and address both course requirements and intercultural aptitudes; and then through a process of experimentation and analysis they determine appropriate technological tools for their students, that are accessible within their geographical regions, and that can be supported by their respective institutions.  This requires a superior knowledge and flexibility in their individual disciplines, an intimate familiarity with their student and institutional needs, an advanced understanding of the globalizing movement in academia and the technological forces that are consequently emerging, and expert cross-cultural negotiating skills for success. It is, therefore, just one segment of our larger professional development program that has matured over the last decade of COIL projects.   

This is the final iteration of the US-Mexico Multistate Program and the second of three sections in the Stevens Initiative. These partnerships have since completed the 6-week COIL Academy that immediately follows the workshop and will be executing their modules in the Spring 2017 semester.         

US-Mexico Multistate Professors
US-Mexico Multistate COIL Professors in Cuernavaca, Mexico, November 8 -12